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If you were asked which sink in your home gets the most use, you would probably say your bathroom sink. Especially considering most of the plumbing in your home is in your bathroom. About 75% of the water used in your home each year is in the bathroom. However, it’s actually your kitchen sink that may be in dire need of a professional plumbers’ TLC.

When you consider the food particles, oils, fats and grease that go down your kitchen sink, you have one sticky, and potentially costly, situation lurking in your kitchen sink’s plumbing. Before you run to purchase chemical drain cleaner to pour down your pipes, walking away thinking mission accomplished, you may want to reconsider why this may not be the best solution.

The chemicals in drain cleaners are designed to “eat” their way through a clog and not actually eliminate the grime buildup in your plumbing. This is a temporary fix resolving only the clog. Drain cleaners don’t actually eliminate the grime buildup. The same goes for drain snakes – great for removing hair or clogs from drains, but they don’t provide cleaning benefit.

What your kitchen sink needs is hydro-jetting by Darley’s Plumbing. Hydro-Jetting is a method used by professional plumbers to clean clogged or slow plumbing lines with high pressure water. After hydro-jetting, your kitchen sink drain will be like new again.

For more information on hydro-jetting services, call Darley’s Plumbing today at (904) 727-1484.

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